Memorial Award

Memorial  Award

This Award has been named in honor of deceased members on the Memorial Scroll of Honor in order to commemorate those individuals whose contributions to the advancement of both the science and the art of glassblowing and the ASGS were of outstanding importance.

The award is presented to a junior member who shows early interest in participating in ASGS activities. The purpose is to stimulate and encourage active and continued participation in the field of Scientific Glassblowing by outstanding Junior Members. The Award recipient will receive and Award Certificate Plaque at the Awards Banquet and an expense paid trip to the ASGS annual Symposium.

1987         Ian B. Duncanson
1988         NONE
1989         Donald Woodyard
1990         Colin Chandler
1991         Laura Thacker
1992         Steve M. Anderson
1993         Lisa Malchow
1994         Anastacio Bonilla
1995         Michael Campbell
1996         Daniel Vogt
1997         James R. Hodgson
1998         Tracy Drier
1999         Kenneth E. Owens
2000         Richard J. Ponton
2001         Jeff  Noyes
2002         Charles D. Christman
2003         Chris Marshall
2004         Kellie Wannett
2005         Philip Legge
2006         Joe Flunker
2007         Kevin Moeller
2008         Jason Craig
2009         Arial Rom
2010         Dan Coyle
2011         Kathryn Jones
2012         Adam Kennedy
2013         Matthew McDonald 
2014         Benjamin Revis
2015         Sabrina Belanger

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