2017 Seminars



Allan Brown Regular Member Seminar – Limit 12

This seminar is for Regular Member status participants only. This course, hosted by Kevin Teaford, provides advanced technique instruction to our regular mamber base. Each day can be viewed as seperate seminars, so you can elect to participate in Seminar 1, Seminar 2, or both. Instructors: Kevin Teaford, Jack Korfhage, Neal Korfhage, Ron Legge  - More Details -

Seminar 1 Topics: Bench – Building a Soxhlet Extractor;  Lathe - Concentrator Distilling Condenser

Seminar 2 Topics: Bench – MultiSeal apparatus, incorporating many seals and techniques;  Lathe - West Condenser, using no cardboard or inner supports


Joseph S Gregar Junior Member Seminar – Limit 12

This is a two day seminar for Student and Junior Members only. It is included for Students and Juniors who register with a Member Regisration. Hosted by Chris Bock, and covers many fundamental techniques in scientific glasswork. See the Junior Seminar Page for more details on registration application.


Robert Simons – Working with Colored Glass

Bruce Suba  - Working Neon

Ned Morgan of Wilmad – Calibration of Glassware

Mike Souza – Optical Sealing Methods

Eric Brambani –  Quartz

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