Lathe Flame-Off Challenge

Exciting News

The American Scientific Glassblowers Society

and Gravlab will hold a Flame-Off Challenge in Austin, Texas during the ASGS 2017 Symposium and Exposition.

This Lathe Flame-Off competition will award

prizes to the winners in the People’s Choice, Artistic, and Functionality categories.

Each team will consist of two glassblowers with at least one scientific ASGS member. Together they will create their

Glass Sculpture Masterpiece with a scientific flare.

The piece must include different types of seals

and be scientifically functional; no smoking functionality please.

Lathes, torches and bench space will be provided by Grav

but participants are of course welcome to use their own gear.

8 lathe stations and 12 bench space will be available for 8 teams.

The event will take place from 2:00pm to 10:00 pm. on Sunday, July 23rd

Contestants will be allowed 6 hours to complete their work with

A flex time start any time after 2:00.

All torches must be off and work completed by 10:00pm.

All finished pieces will be auctioned on Wednesday, 7/26 with proceeds going to Meals on Wheels.

Judges will consist of ASGS board members and Artists from the Lampworking Industry.


Rules for the Flame-Off Event

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