2017 Allan Brown Seminar

Allan B Brown Glassblowing Seminars— Austin TX 2017. (Limited to 12)

Allan B Brown Seminar is two days of providing advanced technique instruction. Each day can be viewed as seperate seminars, so you can elect to participate in Seminar 1, Seminar 2, or both.

Seminar 1
Bench — Building a Soxhlet Extractor
Lathe — Concentrator Distilling Condenser

Seminar 2
Bench — MultiSeal apparatus, incorporating many seals and techniques
Lathe — West Condenser, using no cardboard or inner supports


Jack Korfhage

Jack Korfhage has been a glassblower for 51 years. He graduated from Salem County Technical Institute, as a Scientific Glassblower. Jack has worked for several different companies in his career the longest was 30 years for Albemarle Corporation. After retirement from Albemarle Corporation he had his own business, Bayou Glassblowing.

Jack has been a member of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society since 1977. He has held several officer positions in both the Sections and National ASGS. Jack was president of the ASGS in 2008-2009. He has been Co-Chair of 3 ASGS Symposiums. He has been the recipient of the New England Section Award, J.Allen Alexander Award, Karl Walther Award 2 times, Midwest Achievement Award, William Wilt Sr. Award 2 times, and 3 Technical Awards from Albemarle Corporation.

Jack has been the Chair of, or been teaching in the Allan B. Brown Seminar for the last 20 years.

Neal Korfhage

Neal Korfhage began scientific glassblowing at the age of 15, working with his father in the family-based glassblowing business. His first learned skills were tooling and basic repair of scientific glassware. After graduating from high school, he attended Salem Community College from 1994-1996. He then accepted a glassblowing position at Sigma-Aldrich Corporation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he worked until 2006. Neal currently is the scientific glassblower for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Neal has served on the Audit Committee, Computer Committee, and the Allan B. Brown Glassblowing Seminar of the ASGS.

Kevin Teaford

Kevin Teaford started his glassblowing career in 1992 at the Westinghouse-Hanford Company. After 3 ½ years in Research and Development, Kevin accepted a position with Farlow’s Scientific Glassblowing in northern California. At Farlow’s, he learned of many new types of glassware found in the medical and scientific production industry. In 1999, he secured a position at Precision Glassblowing of Colorado. While at Precision, he was introduced to many new aspects of production-style glassblowing, which included fabrication of large diameter Pyrex apparatus and the introduction of larger Quartz fabrication. Kevin has worked at the University of Utah since 2002. Kevin has been the National Membership Chair for the ASGS and now is the Chair of the Allan B. Brown Regular Member Seminar.

Ron Legge

Ron Legge has over 50 years of experience blowing glass. At the age of 16 Ron began as a part time glassblower assisting in the glass shop at the University of Alberta. Ron then apprenticed at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus for two years at which point took over the glass shop. After 14 years at the Scarborough campus Ron moved to the downtown campus where he ran the Chemistry Department Glass Shop for 18 years. While working at U of T Ron had the honor of fabricating glassware for the Nobel Prize winning Dr. John Polanyi. Ron has trained 4 apprentices and currently runs his own business Scientific Glass Design where they produce a wide variety of custom glassware in Pyrex and Quartz.

Kevin Teaford, Chair

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