2017 Technical Offerings

 Technical Offerings

Technical Papers Presentations

Jim Hodgson of Kansas State University, hosts this year’s technical papers presentations. Each presenter has written a technical paper and will be discussing their subjects with the use of visual aids. This year’s topics and presenters are as follows: 


Two Liter Beaker the Hard Way – Doni Hatz, Procter and Gamble

Japan 2016 – Tracy Drier and Erich Moraine, Wild Rose Glass and University of Wisconsin, Madison

Fabrication Techniques for a 140 Micron Glass Nozzle – Adam Kennedy, University of Texas

Glass Chemistry Basics – Chris Miller, Aldrich Chemical

Construction of a 5-Port Schlenk Line – Joseph Gregar, Argonne National Laboratory

Ruby Quartz Capillaries, Kiva Ford, Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory

Implementing Cold Working into the Scientific Glass-Shop, Patrick Bennett, University of Minnesota

Fully Jacketed Addition Funnel, Rick Ponton, Procter and Gamble

A Tube Cracker for Injecting a Sample into a Mass Spectrometer, Frank Meints, Meints Glassblowing

Discharge Tube Construction, 1969, Tracy Drier, University of Wisconsin, Madison

TBD, Elijah Aller, University of Oslo


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Technical Demonstrations



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Technical Posters

DeJong, Bryson, Salem Community College, “Straight Talk on Bent Liebig Condensers

Moraine, Erich, Drier, Tracy, “Glassworking tools of Japan

Bortolin, Blake, Precision Glassblowing of Colorado, Inc., TBD

Hatz, Doni, Proctor & Gamble Company, TBD

Anderson, Steve, Mayo Clinic, TBD

Calabretta, Philip J., Drier, Tracy, University of Wisconsin – Madison, “Scientific Glassblowing: A Look through the Glassblowers Didymiums

Hodgson, James, Kansas State University, TBD

Remeika, Anthony, Salem Community College, ,”Construction of a Decorated Borosilicate Water Bottle

Revis, Benjamin, University of Iowa, TBD

Ponton, Rick, Proctor & Gamble Company, “The easiest Glassblowing Job in the World … With a Twist

Deady, Kristin, Dennis Briening, Dennis, Salem Community College, “Proposed Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Science in Glass Technology to be offered at Salem Community College

Guzei, Ilia, Drier, Tracy, University of Wisconsin – Madison, “Anatomy of Kaliapparat


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