2018 Technical Presentations


Technical Demonstrations, Thursday, June 21st  8:00am to 5:00pm

Tracey Drier – University of Wisconsin – Madison,  Title: “Electrical feed through seal using tungsten”

Chris Bock – SeaCubeCo,  Title: “Production Bends”

Blake Bortolin – Precision Glassblowing of Colorado,  Title: “Multi-layer Dewar Seal”

Joe Gregar  – Argonne National Laboratory,  Title:  To be decided

Phillip Legge – Scientific Glass Design,  Title: “Ring Seals Three Ways”

Elijah Aller – University of Oslo, Norway,  Title: “Half Insulated Mini Reactor for the Synthesis of Nano Crystals”

Jack Korfhage – Bayou Glassblowing,  Title: “Fully Jacketed 2000Ml Flask”

Hideaki Hashimoto – Tokyo Seisakshiyo Co., Ltd,   Title: “Precision no blow 25mm diameter sidearm side seal on a lathe

Klaus Paris – Glasblaeserei Heino Paris,  Title: “Graphite felt- another material to manufacture jacketed beakers”

Tsuyoshi Nakamura – Nakamura Ltd. – TRGK,  Title: “Sealing a 5mm thick window onto borosilicate tubing” 



Technical Posters Presentations and Judging:  Friday. June 22nd 8:30am to 9:30am

We would love to see additional posters from the membership!  Please consider contributing!

The following members are presenting Technical Posters –  their Poster Titles will be posted soon! 

 Erin Mayberry University of Oklahoma

Corina Guerra 3M

Tracy Drier University of Wisconsin – Madison

Benjamin Revis – University of Iowa

Blake Bortolin – Precision Glassblowing of Colorado



Technical Papers, Friday, June 22nd  10:00am to 5:00pm

There is still time available for additional paper presenters!  Please consider sharing your expertise!

Jim Hodgson – Kansas State University – TBD

Steven Sweat – Microglass, Title: “From Object to Project – a Primer on the Procedural Approach to Scientific Glassblowing

S. Elayne Ashley – Georgia Tech University, Title: “A Look into Volcanology Through the Glass Fluidization Cup.”

Tracy Drier – University of Wisconsin – Madison, Title: “Point of Excellence: Machine Shop

Brian Markowicz – California Institute of Technology, Title: “Growing Bismuth Crystals in the kiln, timing, techniques and methods

Bryan Brown – Gravitron, Title: “Imagination of the Electrics

Mike Souza – Princeton University – TBD