Delaware Valley Award Recipients

The Delaware Valley Section of the ASGS sponsors a Junior Member’s attendance at the National Symposium. Junior Members from the Delaware Valley section place their names in a box for each section meeting attended. At the end of the year, a candidate is picked from the names in the box.

1979 George A. Sites
1982 Frank Reese
1983 James Kontes & Nontas Kontes
2003 Dan Seme
2004 Katherine Cheetham
2005 Mindy Atkinson
2006 Kyle Clark
2007 Jason Craig
2008 Patrick Bennett
2009 Jesse Yager
2010 Kathryn Jones
2011 Jordan Smith
2012 No qualified applicants
2013 Michael Schiaffino
2014 Steven Meyer
2015 William Zorn
2016 Corina Guerra
2017 Christopher Zuhlke
2018 Nicolas X. Salame
2019 Ashleyann Kaschmidt