2018 Flame Off Challenge


Tuesday, June 19th  6:00pm to 9:00pm

The 2018 ASGS Annual Symposium
Flame-off Challenge
in Colorado Springs

This flame-off competition will award prizes to the winner in the
People’s Choice, Artistic and Functionality categories.
Each team will consist of two glassblowers, one of whom must be
a scientific member. Together, they will create their Glass Sculpture

Each team will have 4 hours to create something of scientific function
with an artistic flair. The piece must include different types of seals
and be scientifically functional; no smoking functionality please. Fabricated
scientific components can be included; the entire piece must be
made from raw color and clear material. Torches and bench space will
be provided, but participants are of course welcome to use their own
gear. Six bench spaces will be available for six teams.

Prep Rules:

* No Wig Wags

* ”Untwisted” tube or vac stack is allowed

* No pre-shaped tubes or rods

* All prepped tubing must be in stock style cylinder tubes

* Prepped tubing on handles is allowed

* Blow-in and sleeved glass is allowed as long as not shaped

* No twisted cane

* Color bars untwisted is allowed

* Frit or colored tube is allowed and can be on handles but not allowed to be shaped

* No pre-made horns, however, handled cylinders colored to be made into horns is allowed

* No pre-prepped tube or rod in a gradient (No prepped colors blending into other colors)

* Dichro images are allowed

Pretty much, anything you can find in a glass store, non-manipulated, is allowed.

The event will take place from 5pm to 9pm on Tuesday, June 19.
Contestants will be allowed 4 hours to complete their work. All torches
must be off and work terminated by 9pm.

ASGS Board members and artists from the lampworking industry
will be judging.

All finished pieces will be auctioned on Thursday, June 21, with the
proceeds going to the local charity CASA.

Competition winners will be awarded gear and supplies thanks to
The Antlers Hotel, Herbert Arnold/Arnold Gruppe, Carlisle Machine
Works, Friedrich & Dimmock, and Wale Apparatus, Inc.

Need more information or to sign up your team?
Contact Blake Bortolin • bcbortolin@gmail.com.