John J. Hauer Award Recipients

This award is sponsored by GM Associates in honor of their former employee John J. Hauer. The first of these awards will be presented at the 2015 symposium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This award was first named the Kermit Fischer Award, sponsored by Lab-Crest Scientific Division of the Fischer & Porter Company in honor of its founder. The first of these awards was presented at the 21st Symposium in Chicago, Illinois, June 1976. The award was then sponsored by the Andrews Glass Company as the Andrews Glass Award. The name was then changed to the Dennis Courtney Award in honor of Andrews Glass Company’s founder.

The John J. Hauer Award is for outstanding technical paper presentation at an American Scientific Glassblowers Society Symposium. The presenter is awarded a commemorative plaque and a check for $200.

1976 Dolenga, Arthur
1977 Brady, Donald
1978 Doody, Thomas J.
1979 Leslie Frederick L.
1980 Kay, Peter L.
1981 Carew, Raymond L.
1982 Stuart, Alex
1983 Luisi, Joseph
1984 Hovey, David
1985 Coyne, Gary S.
1986 Hostetter, Anne T.
1987 Merritt, James
1988 Baker, Daniel
1989 Daenzner, David
1990 Harmon, Larry
1991 Hovey, David
1992 Carter, Royce
1993 Gregar, Joseph S.
1994 Vandenhoff, Michael
1995 Vandenhoff, Michael
1996 Wheeler, Michael
1997 Boussert, Christian
1998 Souza, Michael
1999 Rohner, Hans
2000 Henthorne, Timothy L.
2001 Ponton, Robert
2002 Dobos, Gary
2003 Kopp, Georges
2004 Kopp, Georges
2005 Sprague, Chris
2006 Sprague, Chris
2007 Farlow, Gary
2008 Michael Souza
2009 Arturo Ramirez
2010 Georges Kopp
2011 Joseph Gregar
2012 Joseph Gregar
2013 Georges Kopp
2014 Souza, Michael
2015 Joshua Greenfield
2016 Joseph Gregar
2017 Richard J. Ponton
2018 James Hodgson
2019 Dr. Jesse Kohl
2022 Jill Korgemagi-Clarke
2023 Aaron Kirchhoff