Category: General ASGS Town Hall zoom call March 2nd 1PM EST

ASGS Town Hall zoom call March 2nd 1PM EST

March 2, 2024


Join us for the next town Hall Zoom call March 2nd 1PM EST. Registration is not necessary, and you can access the Zoom here. You can also add it to your calendar:

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This is an opportunity for all ASGS members in all categories of membership to speak up about anything related to ASGS. Each speaker gets up to five minutes without interruption to address the moderator or the callers. The order of speakers will be in the order of signing onto the call and requesting time with a chat message when they sign on. You don't have to speak, you can just listen in. Other board members or Section Directors might be present on the call. 

There are a few requirements for participation: 

  1. You can speak to the call moderator directly but not to anyone else till the official 1 hour call is over . This is to avoid personal conversation/conflict from spilling into a public venue.
  2. You are welcome to complain, ask questions, offer suggestions or compliments as long as you do so in a polite and civil manner. As moderator I will drop anyone from the call without warning for verbal abuse or name calling. We must agree to disagree in a respectful manner.
  3. As president elect I commit to helping find answers, solve problems, and bring concerns to the appropriate people or groups within ASGS.
  4. Once everyone who's signed up for a slot to speak has spoken, time permitting, existing speakers or new speakers can request another 5 minute time slot. 


Town Hall Zoom call moderator

Erich Moraine

President Elect 

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