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Membership, and membership classification within the ASGS is governed by our Bylaws.

Applications for a new membership to the A.S.G.S. must be approved by the Membership Qualifications Committee. For that reason, membership activation is neither immediate or automatic. In general, most applications will be processed within 72 hours. If additional information is required to determine your membership status, the approval time could be longer. In particular, the limitations on the Junior and Student memberships require them to be reviewed each year. Applicants will be issued an invoice when notified of membership status.

Membership renewals of current or former members can be accomplished using either the mail/fax form or the online form below. After submitting your application and the review process completed, you will be issued an invoice by the National Office in the appropriate amount for your determined classification.

Both new member and renewal applications will be notified of their ASGS Member Only login credentials through their registered email address.

Please read and understand the member status requirements during your application process.

You can send your Membership Application to:

The American Scientific Glassblowers Society

12110 N Pecos #220, Westminster CO 80234

(716) 353-8062      (716) 353-4259 Fax


We have two methods to apply as a new member, or to renew your membership. You can download the application form and mail, email or fax it to the ASGS National Office at the address above.


Begin your New Online Application or Renewal below:

By submitting this online application, you agree to abide by the Charter and Bylaws of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, which govern the Society, and any and all amendments to said Charter and Bylaws which may be necessary to add in the future so long as you remain a member.
You understand that the annual membership period is on a calendar year basis and that dues are payable on
January 1 of each year. Any person whose membership has lapsed or has resigned from the Society may
rejoin by paying the current dues and verifying with the National Office that their membership
classification has not changed under the rules laid down in Section 5, paragraph b.

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Student, Junior and Regular Member applications/renewals must include Employer contact information and educational and/or employment history!

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    The ASGS does share member contact information with other members via an online directory search and located in the symposium proceedings. Your name will appear in the Member Roster, however, below you will find a check box to indicate your preferred level of participation in the contact sharing. The ASGS will never share this information with anyone other than its’ members.

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    You will be contacted with an Invoice once your Membership Classification is determined.