Rocky Mountain

Section Meeting Opportunity!

The Rocky Mountain Section has been invited to join the combined Southwest and Southeastern Section Meeting in April.  See below:

Southeastern – Southwest Combined Section Meeting: April 14 – 15, 2023

 For more information, until further updates can be made to our page, please see the announcement on the Southwest Section Information page.

The meeting will be held at Technical Glass Products in Gonzales, LA. More information will be forthcoming soon. If you know that you will definitely be attending, please contact Jim Cornell ude.uo@llenrocj or Bob Singer moc.oihopgt@regnisr as soon as possible to gauge room block numbers.

The Rocky Mountain Section needs to have an in-person meeting sometime in the near future to hold elections for officers.  If enough of our members can attend the SE/SW Section meeting we will be able to hold elections.  If not, we need to arrange for a meeting local to our region sometime soon.  Please contact Ron Bihler if you can attend this meeting so we can get a count of interested section members.  Also, contact Jim Cornell or Bob Singer if you will be attending.

Thank you!


Our Officers:

Director: Blake Bortolin          email

Alternate Director: Ron Bihler

Chair: Richard Clark

Alternate Chair: EJ Demarzo

Treasurer: Patrick F. Smythe

Secretary: Jennifer Langill