Upcoming meeting:


Because of the Covid -19 (corona virus) outbreak, the Southwest Section has decided to cancel our upcoming Spring Meeting planned for May 30th at Grav Labs in Austin, TX.

We are in hopes that conditions will improve enough by fall to re-schedule the section meeting. Check back here in a month for updates on the next meeting.

Please take appropriate precautions when getting back out in the world and wash your hands! .

Please contact Erin Mayberry if you need details before they are posted here. 


Section Membership:  We are in the process of updating our Section Membership list.  Please contact Erin Mayberry, Jim Cornell or Grant Mayberry if you would like to be added to our Section contact list.


Our Officers:

Director:  Erin Mayberry                      

Alt Director:  Jim Cornell           

Chair: Erin Mayberry                  

Vice Chair: Bill Caldwell             

Secretary: Grant Mayberry         

Treasurer: Bob Singer