Upcoming meeting: SAVE THE DATE!

Spring Gather with the Southeastern Section!

Friday March 31 – Saturday, April 1, 2023 – Technical Glass Products, Gonzales, LA

During our Zoom meeting on November 19, 2022, we decided to hold our next meeting at Technical Glass Products in Gonzales, Louisiana. This 1 1/2 day meeting will consist of possibly a “Flame-Off” or afternoon of demonstrations followed by a restaurant or catered dinner.  Tentatively, Saturday’s agenda will consist of a coffee and doughnut meet and greet, , section business meetings, demonstrations and possibly a “Swap Meet”. The Southwest’s famous Crawfish Boil will top off the day’s activities in the afternoon!

If you have ideas on what you would like to see happen or what you would like to learn during this meeting, please contact Bob Singer or Jim Cornell.

Agenda items may include:

1. Election of new officers for our section. Current Officers are now term limited or have moved.  New Officers are required to conduct Section business.  Thank you Adam Kennedy for volunteering to be our Treasurer during our Zoom Meeting!  Thanks Adam!  We still need a new Director, Alternate Director, Chairman and Secretary. Please consider volunteering as an officer to help manage our section.         

    Additional agenda items will be posted soon!


Information from the November 19th Zoom Meeting:

   We had a good discussion for a little over 2 hours. Out of the 2 sections that were invited, nearly 70 members, we had 10-12 participants. We had a great discussion on several subjects and areas of concern.  I am waiting to receive meeting minutes from Bob Singer to post more information.  I will also be posting a link to the video of the meeting, if still available, for members to view.

We also discussed setting up a SW Section Facebook and or Instagram page. This would be a great platform to keep in touch with each other and possibly recruit additional glassblowers from the region.  Jim Cornell will be contacting Kye Jewell regarding the development of the Facebook page.

Check back soon for additional information on the November meeting and next year’s Spring Gather!


Section Membership:  We are in the process of updating our Section Membership list.  Please contact  Jim Cornell if you would like to be added to our Section contact list.

Our Officers:

Director:  Erin Mayberry                      

Alt Director:  Jim Cornell           

Chair: Erin Mayberry                  

Vice Chair: Bill Caldwell             

Secretary: Grant Mayberry         

Treasurer: Bob Singer