Upcoming meeting:  

    The next Southwest Section Gathering will tentatively be held at the University of Oklahoma tentatively the weekend of October 6th or 13th.  We are also planning a Spring Meeting at Technical Glass Products’ facility in Gonzales, LA.  Dates and times of the meetings will be posted as soon as arrangements have been made.


Section Officer Elections:  Since we were unable to hold a meeting prior to this year’s Symposium and due to the fact that we need to elect a new Director before the Board of Directors Meeting at the Colorado Springs Symposium, our Section held nominations and elections via email this year.  An email was sent to our current dues-paying National Members calling for nominations for Section Office.  Nominations were closed on Friday, May 10th and the names of the nominees were emailed to members for them to vote on.  Election results are listed below.  We are very hopeful that more of you in the Southwest Section will join us at our upcoming Section meetings!   We are really hoping to revitalize interest in the Section this year!  If you have any questions regarding Section Meetings or what you might be able to do to help out, please feel free to contact our Director and Chairperson, Erin Mayberry.

Thank you for your support!


Section Membership:  We are in the process of updating our Section Membership list.  Please contact Erin Mayberry, Jim Cornell or Grant Mayberry if you would like to be added to our contact list.


Our Officers:

Director:  Erin Mayberry             [wp-svg-icons icon=”envelop” wrap=”i”]         

Alt Director:  Jim Cornell            [wp-svg-icons icon=”envelop” wrap=”i“]

Chair: Erin Mayberry                   [wp-svg-icons icon=”envelop” wrap=”i”]

Vice Chair: Bill Caldwell              [wp-svg-icons icon=”envelop” wrap=”i”]

Secretary: Grant Mayberry          [wp-svg-icons icon=”envelop” wrap=”i”]

Treasurer: Bob Singer                 [wp-svg-icons icon=”envelop” wrap=”i”]