Upcoming meeting:



April 25, 2020, 9:00am – ?

Grav Labs

3501 Dime Circle, Suite 101D, Austin, TX 78744


The date location of the meeting are now confirmed.  Please check back often for detail updates. 

Please contact Erin Mayberry if you need details before they posted here.

We hope to see everyone there!


The Southwest Section Gathering will be held at Grav Labs on April 25, 2020 beginning around 9:00am.  The day will begin with coffee and light morning snacks followed by a business meeting.  Demonstrations, both scientific and artistic are planned and glass discussions will follow the meeting.  Lunch will be ordered in and dinner plans have yet to be made.

We will check to see if we can get a decent price for a room block at the Omni, where the Austin Symposium was held and provide details when confirmed.

For additional information, please contact Erin Mayberry (email below) or Jim Cornell at the National Office, 716-353-8062.

We hope to see you all there!! 


Section Membership:  We are in the process of updating our Section Membership list.  Please contact Erin Mayberry, Jim Cornell or Grant Mayberry if you would like to be added to our Section contact list.


Our Officers:

Director:  Erin Mayberry                      

Alt Director:  Jim Cornell           

Chair: Erin Mayberry                  

Vice Chair: Bill Caldwell             

Secretary: Grant Mayberry         

Treasurer: Bob Singer