Technical Resources

In our efforts to make this Technical Reference as complete as possible, we encourage you to send us additional technical reference information that you may have gathered in researching material data.

Current Technical Information Includes:

Optical Transmission Properties transmission curves and brief descriptions of Corning Code 7740, Fused Silica, BK 7 Glass and others.

Tables of Glass Physical Properties of Corning Code 7740, Quartz (GE 124), and Mullite.


Glass Tube Pressure Calculator

Calculate the “Maximum Allowable Pressure” for a glass tube of given outside diameter and wall thickness (both with same unit).

This is based on the Barlow’s formula, assuming the tensile strength of glass is 4000 psi and a safety factor of 4.

                Note: flaw or imperfection of the glass tube can substantially reduce the maximum allowable pressure below the calculated value.