The Wale Award Recipients

The Wale Award, presented by Wale Apparatus Company, for outstanding technical poster presentation at an American Scientific Glassblowers Society Symposium. Presenter is awarded a commemorative plaque and $200 United State Savings Bond.

The first of these awards was presented at the 34th Symposium in Milwaukee in June 1989.

1989 Amling, Charles
1990 Walas, Joseph
1991 Leslie, Frederick L.
1992 West, Joseph
1993 Duncanson, Ian
1994 Ponton, Robert
1995 Hatz, Doni
1996 Hatz, Doni
1997 Archer, Waine, Logsdon, Richard
1998 Dobos, Gary
1999 Hodgson, James
2000 Kopp, Georges
2001 Hatz, Doni
2002 Noyes, Jeff
2003 Anderson, Steve
2004 Beaubien, David
2005 Anderson, Steve
2006 Legge, Philip
2007 Anderson, Steve
2008 Ron Bihler
2009 Drier, Tracy
2010 Bankroff, Scott
2011 Drier, Tracy
2012 Coyne, Gary
2013 Drier, Tracy
2014 Korfhage, Jack
2015 Belanger, Sabrina
2016 Lori Neu
2017 Tracy O. Drier
2018 Steven M. Anderson, Kent D. Carlson Ph.D. & M. Dan Dragomir Daescu, Ph.D
2019 Steve Anderson, Claire Eggleston, Tyler King, Victoria Lundine, Gustavo Oderich, M.D., Jill Colglazier, M.D., Karen Bjellum, Raymond Shields M.D.