Willam A. Wilt Sr. Award Recipients

The Wilt Award is for outstanding Workshop Demonstration at an American Scientific Glassblowers Society Symposium. Presenter is awarded a commemorative plaque and $200 United State Savings Bond.

The Wilt award is provided by Wilt Industries in honor of its founder. The first of these awards was presented at the 45th Symposium at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada June 2000.

2000 Gregar, Joseph S.
2001 Bankrof, Scott
2002 Korfhage, Jack
2003 Dobos, Gary
2004 Gregar, Joseph S.
2005 Drier, Tracy
2006 Ponton, Richard
2007 Korfhage, Jack
2008 Briening, Dennis
2009 DeFlorio, Patrick
2010 Ford, Kiva
2011 Rom, Arial
2012 Daenzer, David
2013 Gregar, Joseph
2014 Peter Scheifel