Art Dolenga Award Recipients

The Arthur Dolenga Award is given by the Great Lakes Section of the ASGS for administrative, technical, or fraternal contributions worthy of society recognition.

There are many contributors who are deserving recognition that might go uncelebrated by our fellows and numerous candidates abound at the highest levels. This is intended to be offered for recognition on virtually any level and doesn’t require that you even be a member. There is that especially important “fraternal” component which in great measure dictates to me the glue that binds the ASGS together and is inherent in partnership with most of whatever we do. Main requirement: integrity

2012 James Hodgson
2013 Frank Meints
2014 Scott Bankroff
2015 Kevin Teaford
2016 Ron Legge
2017 Dave Daenzer
2018 Jim Cornell
2019 Tracy Drier