ASGS National Office Request For Bid 2019

“Our Request for Proposal has recently been revised.  Please read the new Scope of Responsibilities and follow the updated section on “Preparing your Bid”. 

“The American Scientific Glassblowers Society is seeking bids to contract with, either individual(s) or a business corporate entity to manage the operations of our National Office. We seek an individual or team that is responsive and pro-active in accomplishing the goals of the Society as our National Office Manager(s).”

The American Scientific Glassblowers Society

National Office Scope of Responsibilities

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The American Scientific Glassblowers Society incorporated in 1954 as a 501(c)(6) not for profit corporation. The Society currently has 500 scientific or artistic glassblowers and associate members interested in perpetuating the art of scientific glassblowing. Our mission is to further the education of its membership through the gathering, promotion, and dissemination of technical and scientific information concerning all aspects of scientific glassblowing.


The American Scientific Glassblowers Society is seeking bids to contract with, either individual(s) or a business corporate entity to manage the operations of our National Office. We seek an individual or team that is responsive and pro-active in accomplishing the goals of the Society as our National Office Manager(s).


This is a Contracted Service. Working hour expectations fluctuate during the year. Additional duties may arise as functions change in the future. The first year may require additional time to learn specific job details.


Additionally, due to banking requirements, at least one member of the bidding company must be a citizen of the United States of America and bonded for at least $100,000.00. The National Office Manager is the cosigner on all bank accounts and liaison between the bank and the Executive Committee. As such, the office should monitor for activity that needs to be addressed by the Treasurer and bank. The Society utilizes the services of a CPA to review the society’s financial records quarterly and to prepare and submit the annual tax filing forms.


Equipment /Software/Supplies


ASGS National Office operations require the use of a telephone, laptop computer(s), secure internet service for communications (email, fax and website) and a color printer/copier/scanner.


The ASGS is willing to reimburse for office supplies, postage and PO Box rental. Through the website, the ASGS also has a dedicated email address and service.



General National Office


The following tasks cross over all functional areas. The percentage listed for each job area includes the following:


Create all invoicing and manage follow-up of Accounts Receivable.


Record all payments and send verification to payees.


Countersign and deliver payments approved by the Treasurer. This may include authorized debit card use.


Assist committee chairs with mailing lists for marketing or other communications.


Manage all computer files and ensure all files and programs are backed up on cloud service continuously and on additional media storage device periodically.


Provide secure and dry storage for all Society records, publications and other archives and maintain them in accordance with the Record Disposition Schedule. Current inventory could be easily maintained on shelving in an 8’ x 10’ x 8’ storage unit.


National Office/Membership (45-50%)


Customer Service:


Receive phone calls in person or by voicemail during normal business hours, respond to emails, faxes and voicemails within one business day, referring necessary inquiries to appropriate officers of committees. Notify inquirer of all referrals.


National Office Managers work directly with and provide service to the Executive Committee, publication Committee Members, IT Chairman, Webmaster and other Committee Chairpersons on a regular basis. Other customers being served are Vendors/Exhibitors, Advertisers, Society Members, potential new Members and the general public.


Administrative/Clerical Activities:


Update annual membership renewal letters and dues invoices and mail to all members (~500).


Provide information to prospective new members and process them when they are approved by the Membership Chair.


Maintain membership databases (currently includes classification, roster status, contact information, as well as symposium attendance information). Process website authorizations. This information may be used to create specific reports as requested by committees.


Maintain and distribute forms for National Office, National Sections and Committee Chairs as needed or as directed. This includes renewal forms, election forms, insurance forms, membership brochures, membership certificates, etc.


Compile and create periodic newsletters from contributions for mass email via Constant Contact.


Maintain the ASGS Audio/Video Lending Library. Receive, process and ship requested DVD’s for the lending library to members. Ensure return of DVD’s within 30 days and order new DVD’s as required.


Maintain inventory of DVD Collection for sale. Receive orders and ship DVD’s to members. Order additional inventory as directed by the Board of Directors.


Provide support to the IT Chair in managing the website by posting or updating website calendar, Section pages and Fusion Employment and Classified Ads. Manage the user profiles referring access problems to the IT Chair and Webmaster.


Ensure all Incorporation Certification and Insurance are up to date. Refer requests for Insurance Certificates for meetings to the insurance carrier.


Accounting/Bookkeeping Activities:


Ensure that selected new officers are added to the Society’s bank accounts annually after installation to office.


Record all income and payments, including periodic interest, fees and investment changes in the appropriate account using the Accounting software of ASGS choice.


Forward requests for reimbursement and refunds to the Treasurer. This should include supporting documentation.


Downloaded posted bank transactions.


Reconcile bank accounts monthly. Bank accounts consist of the following:

General and Debit Checking Accounts

Savings Account

PayPal Account

Petty Cash Account (used annually for Symposium cash transactions)


Generate the following month end reports and forward to the Treasurer once completed: Funds Balance sheet, Trial Balance and Profit and Loss Statement.


Maintain electronic copies of all bank statements, bank reconciliation reports, Merchant Services credit card activity statement and month end reports.


Forward appropriate reports to the Webmaster to upload to the Audit Committee webpage, as they are available.


Provide the CPA with the requested documents to review the financial records quarterly or as necessary. Make corrections recommended by the CPA and treasurer to ensure accuracy. Yearly, as requested by the Treasurer, provide the documents required to prepare the Society’s 990 tax filing form.


National Office Support for Publications (10-15%)


Manage the advertising Rate Card. This may include word processing the annual changes and sending to current and prospective display ad and classified advertisers as directed.


Coordinate new advertising requests with the Publications Committee


Process Fusion Subscriptions from various services. Mail all paid single-issue requests and replacements for missing copies.


Provide active membership mailing list to Fusion printing contractor quarterly.


Manage invoicing and payments for Fusion display advertisers and employment and classified ads.


Prepare and distribute financial reports (revenue and expenses) to Publications Committee as needed.


Coordinate purchase, delivery and mailing of the annual Proceedings publication to the membership and registered non-member Symposium attendees.


Submit all Fusion and Proceedings publications to the Library of Congress for deposit and filing of copyrighted works as required.


National Office Support for annual Symposium (45-50%)


In-office Pre-Symposium Support:


Recognizing that some Symposium committees have members with more computer skills than others, the National Office is asked to assist with the creation of documents (exhibitor contracts, registration form, advance information, programs, etc.)


Coordinate the development of the online registration between IT Committee, Webmaster and Symposium Committee.


Provide mailing list information to necessary committee members. Assist in mailing, if needed.


Maintain records of registrations for all workshops, seminars, exhibits, exhibitors, banquet and all other symposium events, providing lists to coordinators and chairs as requested.


Create name badges, participation certificates, certificates of appreciation, workshop and seminar attendance sheets.


Assist Committees with advance announcements about certain workshops and awards.


Prepare pre-symposium financial reports for Treasurer and Symposium Coordinator/Chairs.


On-site Support (if requested by the Symposium Chair):


Aside from normal office support reimbursement, if on-site support is requested, the ASGS will provide reasonable travel and hotel accommodations for two people at the Symposium.


Hours of registration desk operation will be coordinated with the Symposium Chair.


Distribute registration packets to registrants and Exhibitors. Respond to all inquiries or redirect those inquiries to proper officer or committee person.


Process on-site sales (registrations, day passes, exhibit passes, banquet tickets, etc.).


Assist Charity Auction Chair with management of the annual charity auction. Record bidder information, receive and record all charity donations. Provide donation amount to Treasurer to process donation payment check.


Prepare Banquet seating charts and produce Banquet Program.


Additional Symposium Support:


Coordinate with Executive Committee to ensure that there is a Presidential Pin and Steuben piece available for presentation at the Banquet.


Coordinate with on-site registration desk to accomplish all financial and membership activities if the National Office is not requested to be on site. This has not happened in many years.


Prepare and submit final Symposium revenue and expense reports and final registration statistics to Symposium Coordinator, Chair and Treasurer as requested.


Prepare a list of Symposium Exhibitors and attendees and provide for publication in Proceedings and to exhibitors as requested.


Preparing your Bid:


This Scope of Responsibilities outlines the duties expected of the National Office Managers.  After reading through this Scope of Responsibilities, please submit your bid for managing the National Office.


The following information must be included in your bid:


                Length of contract listed in years.

                Annual rate requested (to be distributed monthly).

                Normal business hours we can expect. Tradition dictates that a reasonable business week be

                available to our members and customers

                Anticipated reimbursement of supplies and expenses.

                Activities described in this document that you may be unable to provide.

                Hourly rate for pre-approved services beyond those detailed in this document.


Your signature on a bid will signify that you are willing to provide all duties outlined in the Scope of Responsibilities as directed within the timeframes required by the ASGS, except for any specific items you state that you cannot provide.


Cancellation of your contracted services can be accepted by either party with at least 90 days written notice, prior to the end of the calendar year, to our Executive Secretary.


All bids must be received no later than January 1,2020 at or by mail to PO Box 1777, Norman, OK 73070.


Along with your bid, please provide information regarding your capabilities and areas of expertise and at least three references from former and current clients.