2017 Exhibitor Group Junior Sponsorship

A.S.G.S. Exhibitor Group

Junior Member Sponsorship 2017

For: The American Scientific Glassblowers Society, Annual Symposium. Each year a new candidate will be chosen provided allocated funds are available, and as deemed by the group officers. The group will reimburse up to and not to exceed $1,000.00. The group officers will determine and administer the allocation of funds.


1. You must be a Junior, or Student member in good standing of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, as of the deadline.

2. The recipient must have gained a portion of their income through the field of scientific glassblowing for a period of 1 year prior to application, or be a student in an accredited program for Scientific Glassblowing working toward a degree in Scientific Glassblowing.

3. The recipient must agree to submit a travel expense report, including all receipts for goods and services rendered under the guidelines of the award.

4. The recipient must attend the 2017 Symposium, and all Junior Member Workshops.

5. The recipient will visit all exhibiting booths and bring to the attention that they are the recipient of the award.

6. Applicant must submit an application letter and a resume to the Exhibitor Group Director, no later than March 31, 2017. On or before April 15, 2017 the designated Exhibitor Group members will choose the recipient and an alternate.

7. Agreement that the recipient will notify the Exhibitor Group designated member of intent to attend the Symposium no later than May 15, 2017, at which time the alternate will be notified if necessary.

8. Applicant must not have been a prior recipient of this award by this group.

Selection: Eligibility of the junior member applicant will be reviewed by a member in good standing of the Exhibitor Group. The section Director, Chairperson or other designated member(s) of the section in your geographical area will be contacted for input.

How to increase your chances of winning: Have attended section meetings, become an officer of your section, chair a committee, volunteer time at symposiums, PREPARE A GREAT RESUME!!.

2017 Exhibitor Director:
Dennis Wargo, dwargo@waleapparatus.com

Reimbursement Guidelines for Junior Member Sponsorship

The recipient of the Junior Member Sponsorship Award from the A.S.G.S. Exhibitor Group will be eligible to receive up to $1,000.00 for reimbursement of the following expenses only.

Travel (most economical)

Lodging (at the site of the Symposium)

Parking & Toll(s) at site location


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